Daniel Weiß
M.A. Political Science (eq MA), MSc Sustainability Management
Senior Project Manager & Cluster Coordinator Green Economy

Daniel Weiß is a Senior Project Manager at adelphi. In the last eight years he has led projects on a national and international level in the fields of environmental management, green economy, and sustainability strategies. For Daniel Weiß, sustainability management is a cross-sectoral task that can only be jointly tackled by business, politics, and society. In his projects, he combines scientific expertise with application-oriented policy advising in order to advance transformation strategies in politics and in companies through new types of cooperation.

Daniel currently works on analyzing practical approaches used by the Federal Environment Ministry for digital solutions in sustainable supply chain management. In a recently completed project on this topic, he assisted small and medium-sized enterprises in Bavaria with the introduction of sustainable supply chain management processes. Together with the project partner sustainable AG, he tested and optimized tools with pilot companies. In collaboration with the consulting firm Systain, Daniel created the "Atlas on Environmental Impacts: Supply Chains",  in which environmental impacts were calculated on the basis of input-output modelling for eight branches of German industry.  He has also written guidelines for introducing the process of sustainable supply chain management for the Federal Environment Ministry. 

In addition, Daniel is responsible for projects concerning the further development of environmental and sustainability policy that apply findings from social science transformation and sustainability research. He is currently supporting the Federal Ministry for the Environment in the operationalisation, implementation and updating of the Integrated Environmental Program 2030. He has also implemented projects for the further development of the  German Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie ("Sustainability Strategy") on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency.

In the environmental management field, he is also leading various projects on behalf of the European Commission.. Among other responsibilities, he runs the EMAS help desk, which is chiefly concerned with the Europe-wide dialogue between stakeholders. Furthermore he led a team of German and Italian experts in the evaluation of the EU political instrument on environmental management. On an international level, Daniel Weiß has worked on capacity building projects in China and South Korea aimed at establishing environmental management systems and developing effective governance mechanisms.

Before working for adelphi, Daniel was, amongst other things, involved in the field of corporate strategy for the automobile manufacturer Daimler AG. He was a project assistant involved in comprising sustainability reports at the consulting firm Schlange & Co., a company specialising in corporate social responsibility.

Daniel completed a Master of Science degree in Sustainability Management (Environmental Consultancy and Project Management) at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Before that he studied political science, focussing on international relations, European integration, and policy analysis at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, Germany and Göteberg, Sweden. He also spent a semester abroad at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

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