Daniel Weiß
M.A. Political Science (eq MA), MSc Sustainability Management
Head of Programme Green Economy

Daniel Weiß is Head of Programme Green Economy. He advocates cooperation between business, politics and civil society, as an ecologically, socially and economically successful economy can only be shaped together. Daniel’s team combines scientific expertise with application-oriented consultation in order to advance transformation strategies in businesses and organisations through new types of collaboration.

A key focus of the Green Economy programme is the development of framework conditions for sustainable global supply chains and the provision of support for companies in this regard. Daniel’s team also explores how we can shape the structural change in the economy required to achieve the 1.5 degree target in a just way.

“I am driven by the question of how the transformations in the economy can succeed through the interaction of different actors and how we can contribute to the creation of new collaborations with our solution-oriented approaches. It is essential that stakeholders come together in order to achieve ambitious climate and sustainability goals and, at the same time, strengthen the competitiveness and future viability of the economy.”

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