Daria Ivleva
MA Political Science
Senior Advisor + Co-Lead Climate Policy

Daria Ivleva is Senior Advisor + Co-Lead Climate Policy at adelphi. Daria is particularly interested in how transformation processes can be advanced across society. One of the focusses of her research and advisory work is the external dimension of climate and environmental policies, including geopolitics of decarbonisation. She is passionate about telling the story of an ecological and just future in ways that appeal to people from different working environments, sectors and countries, as this can ultimately help them integrate sustainability in their respective goals and fields of action.

“Green transformation changes our economies, our infrastructure, our international relations. And yet, it can advance our timeless values and universal needs. I am a firm believer in talks that paint a picture and visuals that speak to you – because we need a broad, clear, honest and equal dialogue to accomplish this whole-of-society task.”

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