Daria Ivleva
MA Political Science

Daria Ivleva works as a Advisor for adelphi in the field of international cooperation, climate, and energy. Her focus is on research and consultancy on the nexus of climate change and international politics.

For seven years, Daria has been working at adelphi on governance structures in climate and sustainability politics. She has gathered experience in working with international and national clients, such as the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA). The analysis of foreign- and geopolitics with regard to global climate change is a focus of her work. Additionally, she has practical knowledge about political approaches that support the transformation towards low-emission and sustainable economies in different countries around the world. She has regional expertise in Latin America and Europe.

In her work, Daria examines how sustainability trends can be achieved in different political fields and with different actors. As part of this, she explored how a loss of assets as a result of decarbonisation (stranded assets) can be countered in development cooperation in the resource sector. Daria is experienced in the design and coordination of international dialogue processes and public diplomacy activities, for instance in collaboration with international partner organisations that combine different perspectives and sectors. In addition, she has experience implementing various information and communications products, which portray issues related to sustainability in a concise and target-group-specific manner. She is the contact person for the Environment, Conflict and Cooperation (ECC) touring exhibition and oversees its online presence. Indeed, she was responsible for coordinating the entire restructuring of the ECC online presence in three different languages. Previously, she was responsible for the ECC platform, and designed videos and infographics.

Prior to commencing her position at adelphi, Daria gathered work experience in the area of public relations at a media office for ecologically-viable developments. She holds a master’s degree in political science from the Freie Universitaet Berlin (Germany) with a focus on environmental policy. As part of her studies, she focused on integrating environmental considerations into different political areas. In her master’s thesis, she explored the normative basis of environmental policy measures in liberal democracies. Prior, she completed her bachelor’s degree in European Studies at the University of Passau (Germany) with a major in political science and a minor in English studies. As part of her undergraduate studies, Daria completed a ten-month student exchange at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (Spain). She received a scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

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