Dr. Baran Doda
PhD Economics
Head of Programme Carbon Markets and Pricing

Baran Doda is Head of Programme Carbon Markets and Pricing at adelphi. He is a specialist in the fields of climate and energy with more than a decade of experience in academic and policy research. He contributes his analytical and technical skills to leading adelphi’s work on the design and implementation of carbon pricing instruments, linkages between emissions trading systems and market-based decarbonization policies particularly for energy and industrial sectors. He has led or contributed to projects for the Federal Ministry of the Environment, German Environment Agency, European Commission, UNFCCC and West African Development Bank. His recent work focuses on market stability instruments in emission trading systems, the assessment of carbon pricing potentials in Asia and Africa, analysis of carbon leakage risk and the role of carbon pricing across different sectors of the economy. Baran also supports the Secretariat of the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), a global network of over 30 national and regional governments and cities for the exchange of experience and expertise in setting up and designing emissions trading systems. In this capacity, he conducts technical analyses, facilitates dialogues between ICAP members and contributes to ICAP’s capacity building efforts.

“Putting a price on carbon is an essential, perhaps the most potent, response to climate change. So we must get the design of carbon pricing instruments right to make them durable and publicly acceptable in both domestic and international contexts. My work at adelphi helps move us closer to that goal every day.”

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