Dr. Benjamin Pohl
Senior Project Manager

Benjamin Pohl is Senior Project Manager at adelphi where he focuses on the impact of global environmental change on foreign, security and development policy. He is responsible for the topic areas foreign policy, diplomacy, and water cooperation and has been working for five years at the interface of peacebuilding and global sustainable development. The core challenge in his projects often comes down to the constructive management of conflicts of interest in the face of limited natural resources. Facilitating such constructive management frequently depends on fostering dialogue in which stakeholders can reflect their interests beyond established positions.

Benjamin has extensive experience in planning and managing research and consulting projects for national and international clients. In particular, he advises foreign ministries and development agencies, on creating synergies between adaptation to climate change and peacebuilding, as well as promoting cooperation in international river basins – topics that build on his many years of work in the field of foreign and security policy. As lead author, he coordinated an expert report on the global strengthening of cross-border cooperation in international river basins and wrote analyses on the political economy of specific river basins such as the Nile and the Central Asian Rivers. He has also worked on global food security and is responsible for the ECC Factbook (Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation), an interactive online platform that analyses environmental conflicts and cooperation around the world.

Before joining adelphi, Benjamin worked as a desk officer at the German Federal Foreign Office in the field of security policy. Subsequently, he researched and taught international relations, first as a Ph.D. candidate at Leiden University and later as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Benjamin earned his doctorate at Leiden University, Netherlands, with a dissertation on European foreign policy. Prior to that, he completed a Master’s in Conflict, Security, and Development at King’s College London as well as a Master’s in European Economic Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. He also studied international relations in Dresden and Strasbourg.

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