Dr Svenja Hector
Dr. sc. ETH Zurich
Senior Manager + Co-Lead Finance

Svenja Hector is Senior Manager + Co-Lead Finance at adelphi. She counsels commercial and development banks across Europe, always with the objective of mainstreaming sustainable finance across banks’ core activities. Svenja’s main area of expertise is the design, implementation, and management of comprehensive technical assistance programmes. This includes, for example, bank processes and tools to foster green loans, web applications to assess and report on the impact of green financing activities, or capacity building initiatives to foster the swift and effective roll-out of green financing products. Svenja is a trained economist and holds a PhD from ETH Zurich.

“Sustainable finance has been in the centre of policy makers’ and the financial sector’s attention for several years now. Rolling out sustainability and impact-oriented funding and financing instruments at scale, however, still faces many challenges on the ground – from the design of attractive sustainable financing offers and instruments, to the set-up of efficient and effective internal bank processes, to the creation of significant loan pipelines. In adelphi’s Finance Programme we work closely with commercial and development banks to overcome such challenges and thus enable these actors to take an active role in the transformation towards greener financial systems and economies.”

Selected Projects

Selected publications

  • Accounting for Risk in Social Cost-Benefit Analysis: Recursive Approaches – Doctoral Dissertation

    Hector, Svenja 2015: Accounting for Risk in Social Cost-Benefit Analysis: Recursive Approaches. Doctoral Dissertation. Zürich: ETH Zurich.