Juliane Meinel
Coordinator, Working Group on Emissions Trading

Juliane Meinel works at adelphi for the Federal Environment Ministry as coordinator of the working group Coordinator for the Working Group on Emissions Trading to Combat Greenhouse Effect (AGE). Leading the conference management for the AGE and being the point of contact for everyone involved in the project is important to her, as she is making an active contribution to environmental and climate policy (including emissions trading systems).

“Leaving a future for the earth and for the next generations is our duty and should be an incentive for everyone. With commitment, new perspectives and the cooperation of all groups in society, it is possible to work together to effectively develop and establish climate policy tools. I am of the opinion that perseverance pays off!”


AGE Köthener Straße 2 10963 Berlin T +49-30-2639172-18 F +49-30-2639172-22 office@ag-emissionshandel.de