Mirko Zürker
MA Chinese Studies, Political Science, Economics
Senior Manager + Acting Co-Lead Green Entrepreneurship

Mirko Zuerker is a Senior Manager + Acting Co-Lead Green Entrepreneurship at adelphi, as well as head of the adelphi office in Bangkok. He is a specialist in sustainability entrepreneurship, green finance and sustainable consumption and production (SCP). He is responsible for programme development for the SEED partnership and has extensive experience in managing dialogue processes and developing practice-oriented toolkits. The regional focus of his work is on Africa and the Asia region.

As the project manager of SEED, he designed and expanded the global incubator and accelerator programme. He positioned the SEED Awards and SEED Enterprise Support as global leaders in green corporate development, helping link SEED to donors, investors, foundations and intermediaries. Mirko made a major contribution to establishing SEED as a major player in the field of sustainable corporate development. As head of the SEED "Deal Ready" programme, he established contact between companies and lenders and developed a training mechanism in the form of SEED's "Business Development Services Support +" programme to improve sustainability advising for microenterprises via local partners.

In his projects in the fields of green finance and sustainable consumption and production in Asia, he conceives and implements participative dialogue processes and advises companies and financing providers on topics related to cleantech innovations and resource efficiency.

Mirko coined the term toolification by developing more than 10 practitioner toolkits on topics such as sustainability entrepreneurship, inclusive innovation, business and finance model development, organizational development, cleantech finance, and cleaner production. In his role as a trainer and facilitator, he leads and moderates high-level conferences, workshops and trainings in Africa and Asia. His clients include bilateral development organisations and international organisations such as EuropeAid, UNIDO, the Asian Development Bank, the Siemens Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, CEMEX and GIZ.

Prior to joining adelphi, Mirko worked as a freelance journalist for various media companies and conducted policy analysis for the Press and Information Office of the German Federal Government and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in China. He studied politics, economics and Chinese studies in Munich, Shanghai and Madrid. He has completed a postgraduate programme focusing on adult education and business ethics at the Munich School of Philosophy. Mirko is certified in Capacity WORKS.

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