Spencer Adrian McMurray
Master in International Security

Spencer Adrian McMurray is a Consultant in the Climate Diplomacy and Security team at adelphi, specialising in stabilisation, peacebuilding and conflict resolution. His work focuses on helping to better articulate the links between climate change, fragility, instability and conflict, and identifying their collective impact and challenges on stability in communities and countries. As a conflict resolution practitioner with a background in theory and UN operations, Spencer is keen to develop practitioner ready methods and processes to thwart current and future climate-security related challenges to peace.

"Conflicts of the (near) future increasingly look like they will unfold at the intersection of climate and security risks. As peace practitioners, we should be ready for it, with tools, concepts and implementation strategies to not only identify risks to peace and stability from climate change but address them too. At adelphi, a thought and practise leader on these topics, I get to wrestle with these themes on a daily basis, doing my part to contribute to a less conflicted world".

Selected Projects