adelphi presents successful projects at SWITCH Asia Conference 2012 in Bangkok

adelphi presented two projects at the yearly Networking Event of the SWITCH Asia Programme. 150 participants including project partners from Asia and Europe, policy-makers, and representatives of the European Commission discussed approaches and challenges of projects financed under the programme.


The aim of the European Commission’s SWITCH Asia Programme is to support sustainable production and consumption in Asia. At the moment there are 50 projects that are targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises and projects in four countries that focus on policy support.

adelphi contributes to the success of several projects under the programme, including in India, China, Malaysia and Thailand. One of the most successful projects is the project "Establishing E-Waste channels in order to enhance environment friendly recycling on recycling of electronic and electric waste in India"; its approach was presented by the consultants of the Berlin-based think-tank. The approach includes the newly developed and implemented national rules on the handling and management of e-waste. Participants of the conference workshop were particularly interested in the opportunities and limits of government regulation on waste management in Asia. The project’s different activities with regards to formalising the informal sector were discussed.

Another project that was presented by adelphi was of high interest particularly to European commission representatives and government representatives. In this project, adelphi is contracted by GIZ to support the Thai government in the development of a monitoring and evaluation system for sustainability. Participants of the workshop discussed the different options in defining indicators at the national level.