Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023: Calls for applications now open!

adelphi SEED Green Entrepreneurship Awards winner celebrating

Eco-inclusive small and medium-sized enterprises can now apply for the "Green Entrepreneurship Awards" and, with a bit of luck, receive extensive support from SEED.


The Green Entrepreneurship team at adelphi is now accepting applications for the Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023. This year’s Awards are a collaboration between SEED and the Circular Economy Catalyst, presenting two award categories. The Climate Adaptation Awards by SEED focus on Botswana, Malawi, and Zambia and are funded by the Government of Flanders. The Circular Economy Awards by Circular Economy Catalyst for India and Kenya are supported by the IKEA Foundation.

The Awards will support eco-inclusive and circular enterprises to scale their business growth as they increase the adaptive capacity of local communities to the changing climate. Examples of eligible businesses in Botswana, Malawi and Zambia include those focusing on areas such as biodiversity protection, responsible water management, building community resilience, sustainable land management, and climate-smart agricultural practices.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the Climate Adaptation Awards and invite applications from innovative and promising locally led eco-inclusive enterprises” says Arab Hoballah, SEED Executive Director. “The awards will further support and enable climate-positive entrepreneurs in developing successful business models and scaling their implementation.”

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Rewarding contributions to the environment, society and the economy

Examples of eligible businesses in India and Kenya include those bringing sustainable solutions to the market that address unsustainable food systems, e-waste, water pollution, plastic waste or fast fashion challenges. The awardees will receive support to refine their business models and scale their business to spur the transition to circular and inclusive economies.

“The Circular Economy Awards recognise the achievements of circular economy enterprises that deliver environmental, social and economic impacts through their business models. The Awards aim to showcase the important contribution of small and medium enterprises to the transition to a circular and inclusive economy”, explains Camilla Shearman, adelphi Manager and Circular Economy Catalyst Project Lead.

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Apply by 23 March

Applications are now open until 23 March 2023. Winners will be announced at the beginning of July at the occasion of the UN High Level Political Forum. For Climate Adaptation Awards, one winner in each country will receive a one-year SEED Accelerator support and a matching grant of up to 15,000€ to make necessary investments to scale. Five runners-up in each country will receive six-month SEED Catalyser support and a matching grant of 1,500€ to support necessary investments to grow.

For Circular Economy Awards, two winners in each country will receive a one-year Accelerator support and a matching grant of up to 15,000€ to make necessary investments to scale. Ten runners-up in each country will receive six-month Catalyser business development support and a matching grant of up to 5,000€.

“We highly encourage eligible enterprises to apply so they can benefit from the technical support and small grant,” invites Tione Kaonga, Coordinator of SEED Hub Malawi. “Combined non-financial and financial support like these have proven to be instrumental in stimulating the growth of a resilient entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

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To apply for the Green Entrepreneurship Awards, interested companies can register on the SEED platform. For more information, please visit the SEED homepage. Also, SEED and the Circular Economy Catalyst will host an informational webinar for interested applicants on 28 February 2023, 11:00 am (GMT+1). Sign up for the webinar here

Contact: Mirko Zuerker, Senior Manager + Co-Lead Green Entrepreneurship