Networks and governments foster local authorities in climate mitigation

Ambitious climate protection is possible – particularly if cities learn from each other through networks and are being supported by the government. This is the outcome of a side event, co-hosted by adelphi during the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha, Qatar.


During the event “„Teaming up to meet the targets: models for supporting local authorities in climate action“, hosted by adelphi’s senior associate Minu Hemmati, representatives from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the EU Commission, the Municipality of Nantes, the Covenant of Mayors and the Climate Alliance described different approaches towards climate mitigation measures on a local level. The two focal issues were the German Federal Government’s experiences with the support of local authorities through the Climate Mitigation Initiative as well as the increase in voluntarily set targets for GHG reduction on a local level, e.g. by becoming part of the Covenant of Mayors, which has already been joined by more than 4,500 local communities in almost 50 countries.

Participants from all over the world showed a particular interest in the legal framework of the federal system in Germany. Another special focus lay on the further expansion of the Covenant of Mayors. As far as the on-going negotiations are concerned, participants were convinced that commitments and activities to reduce GHG emissions would be more successful if introduced on a local level, since they also allow the negotiating parties more room to agree on national and international targets.