New project: Assessing investment potential for energy efficiency and renewables in Africa

On behalf of the African Development Bank (AfDB) and in collaboration with Climate Energy & Solutions (CES) and Artelia, adelphi is conducting a market assessment for sustainable energy (SE) investment potential in Africa.


One of the key limitations for wider project implementation of sustainable energy is the lack of financial resources and proper lending facilities, particularly for medium and small-scale projects in Africa. In this context adelphi, in collaboration with Climate Energy & Solutions (CES) and Artelia, has started conducting a market study for Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

The aim of the market study is to provide the African Development Bank (AfDB) with a comprehensive assessment of the potential for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in these four countries. It is being prepared e.g. via analysis of the latest available studies, statistical information, recent policy developments, research into demand for energy efficiency and renewable energy investment projects, review of government activities, international financial institutions as well as bilateral and multilateral donors active in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy, research on the state of the banking sector, and stakeholder interviews.

Within the framework of this study, adelphi is responsible for the assessment of energy and finance markets in Kenya and South Africa. In a second step, the structure for a new financial facility will be recommended to AfDB.