Now online: offers knowledge platform for innovative subsurface water solutions

Socioeconomic development in coastal areas often concurs with escalating groundwater withdrawals. The EU-project SUBSOL addresses this issue through innovative groundwater management solutions. Just recently, the project’s official website with an integrated knowledge platform was launched. 


Coastal areas are densely populated and economically productive regions. This often comes at the cost of diminishing groundwater reserves. Seasonal freshwater shortages and saltwater intrusion are among the most prevalent manifestations of this problem and pose an increasing challenge for meeting freshwater demand of both humans and ecosystems. Against this background, the Dutch KWR Watercycle Research Institute developed subsurface water solutions and tested them over the last ten years. The approach, combining novel technology and management practices, allows for continuous and renewable supply of freshwater in coastal regions and and thereby support of sustainable socioeconomic development.

After the official project kick-off of SUBSOL “bringing coastal SUBsurface SOLutions to the market” in October 2015, the project’s consortium now launched the official website during a meeting at the KWR Watercycle Research Institute in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Under, interested stakeholders can find a gradually evolving knowledge platform, which functions as an important communications instrument. It features, among others, publications, videos and graphics that showcase results and tools accomplished within the project. The website itself provides an overview of the project and its targets, the different pilot sites and target markets, as well as upcoming events.

To catalyse the market breakthrough of SWS globally, a sound communication strategy is crucial. In achieving this, the website plays an important role. So is direct engagement with stakeholders, a task adelphi is mainly preoccupied with, essential to create awareness on the ground. Over the course of the project, adelphi will therefore develop promotional strategies and advertise SWS among business communities, local governments and municipal corporations as well as conservationists. Specifically, it will carry out workshops to demonstrate the technical feasibility of SWS, showcase economic as well as ecological benefits, and execute capacity building training with stakeholders in selected target markets including Southern Europe, Brazil, China, Mexico and Vietnam. On these occasions, to add credibility to SWS and SUBSOL, adelphi will diffuse specific project outcomes such as policy briefs, step-by-step manual for implementation or a decision-making support tool kit.

SUBSOL is part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation. Current reference sites are located in Friesland, Westland and South-Beveland in the Netherlands. Additional pilot sites are being developed in Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands and the United States.

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