Online Kickoff: EU-SWITCH Project RUTSIS in Central Asia Has Officially Begun

Kick-off-Meeting RUTSIS

Traditional manufacturing of silk products with natural dyes is close to vanishing in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. An EU-SWITCH Project aiming to revive the silk industry in both countries and establish sustainable textile production principles has now officially launched with an online event.


The two Central Asian countries are connected by a long common history of handicraft for silk production and natural dyeing. The project, which was initiated to revive this tradition, economically stabilize the sector and overcome sustainability risks, has now officially begun. The goal of the kickoff event was to introduce all six partners to each other, create a common understanding of roles and objectives as well as to exchange ideas and answer questions.

Being responsible for the project lead, adelphi moderated the two-day event. Besides adelphi, the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle joined the event, as well as the Tourism Development Center and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from the Tajik side. On the Uzbek side, the Margilan Crafts Development Center  and Uzbekistan's Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated. The project partners agreed that the Covid-19 restrictions, required to ensure the safety of all participants, necessitate careful coordination and planning of all project activities if the three-year timeframe is to be met. Future project updates and reports will be published on Social Media and on the planned project website.

Contact person: Alina Ulmer