The Peace and Conflict Research Working Group convened in Hamburg for their Annual Meeting

This year’s event centered on climate change and it´s possible consequences for people to live peacefully together.


Under the motto “Climate Change and Conflicts: Securitisation versus Preventive Peace Policy?”, over 130 participants discussed for two days the current political issues on security, cause-and-effects, and prevention strategies. Dennis Tänzler, Kerstin Fritzsche and Achim Maas presented the results of the EU process on climate change and security. The results were based on several regional studies that Adelphi prepared on behalf of the European Commission. As a result, different scenarios were developed, which were discussed with local experts in order to derive concrete policy recommendations.
The Peace and Conflict Research Working Group is an umbrella organization of the German Peace Research Centre. It aims to boost scientific research on peace and conflict issues as well as communicating this to the general public.

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