Rainer Agster and Dr Constanze Haug appointed to the adelphi management board

Rainer Agster and Dr Constanze Haug will join the adelphi management board in Munich and Berlin. In addition to their management skills, they will contribute outstanding expertise and leadership in green finance and entrepreneurship as well as emissions trading and international climate policy.


The expansion of the management team reflects adelphi's growth and progress – the think tank now has 250 employees and is involved in 300 projects in more than 50 countries. adelphi was founded in 2001 by Alexander Carius, Mikael Henzler and Walter Kahlenborn, who remain a part of the leadership team. Dr. Constanze Haug and Rainer Agster have made major contributions to adelphi's profile and structural development in recent years.

Constanze Haug’s appointment brings one of the world's leading experts in carbon markets and CO2 pricing to the management board. Together with Dennis Tänzler, Director International Climate Policy, she will expand our climate policy research and advisory portfolio,” Alexander Carius explains. Haug led the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) for six years and coordinated adelphi's efforts in carbon markets and pricing. Previously, she was a research assistant at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she completed her doctorate on climate policy and governance.

Haug has advised national and international public organisations on climate policy and CO2 pricing in particular for many years. “The transition to a CO2-neutral economy requires far-reaching changes that have major social consequences. This makes participation processes, long-term political strategies and effective communication all the more important. We need to strengthen social consensus on the need for transformation and ensure that the transformation is socially acceptable. adelphi will make a major contribution to these efforts,” says Haug.

Rainer Agster heads the adelphi office in Munich and has been responsible for green finance and entrepreneurship in the think tank for years. He has worked for adelphi since 2002 and advises banks, foundations, the European Commission and other organisations on climate protection and resource efficiency. “Rainer Agster expanded the private sector initiative SEED into one of the largest in the world in the area of sustainability. In doing so, he showed how to develop locally effective, sustainable companies out of small initiatives,” says Mikael Henzler. Agster helped create Toolification, an innovative training and dialogue format that is used to advise thousands of small and medium-sized companies worldwide. He also works with banks in the Global South to help SMEs finance climate protection and energy efficiency.

Now Agster will bring his expertise in organisational development and financing to the management board. “The scaling of solutions for social-ecological transformation is increasingly becoming the focus of our work. My goal is to achieve effective and efficient implementation, particularly with the use of digital tools,” explains Agster.

See our website for more information about Rainer Agster and Constanze Haug. Both are available for interviews.