Working together for sustainable consumption

‘Circular Society, not Disposable Society’ and ‘Education for Sustainable Development 2.0’ – the slogans of two events held by the Competence Centre for Sustainable Consumption. Representatives of foundations, networks and Fridays for the Future discussed research, concepts and projects.


The Competence Centre for Sustainable Consumption (KNK) held the workshop ‘Circular Society, Disposable Society’ on 20 September, at the same time as the FIXFEST Repair Festival. Participants presented and discussed the state of research and practice related to the ‘circular society’.

The circular society concept

This progressive concept begins where the circular economy, consumption and society intersect. It expands the concept of the circular economy to include the goals and ideals of social-ecological transformation, e.g. cooperative forms of use, social participation and lifestyle changes.

Education for Sustainable Development 2.0

The second event tackled a different issue: What should education for sustainable development (ESD) look like in the age of digital communication, influencers and social movements like FFF? ‘Education for Sustainable Development 2.0’, which took place on 26 September, examined this question. Representatives from national sustainable consumption networks, foundations, and political institutions came together with young activists at the Federal Environment Agency in Berlin. They discussed issues and concepts related to contemporary ESD, which makes use of digital potential and infrastructures. The Digital Natives from the youth participation platform ‘youpaN’ and the youth environmental protection organisation NABU (NAJU) enriched the discussion with their contributions.

We thank all participants for their contribution to the stimulating discussion. Events like this can encourage new momentum and ways to collaborate.

Competence Centre for Sustainable Consumption (KNK)

The Competence Centre for Sustainable Consumption (KNK), part of the Federal Environmental Agency, was established to monitor the National Programme on Sustainable Consumption (NPNK). The KNK provides support for the implementation of the NPNK and offers information and networking options related to sustainable consumption. adelphi is helping the National Programme on Sustainable Consumption with the project Implementation of the National Programme on Sustainable Consumption. Interested in NPNK and the National Network for Sustainable Consumption events? Visit the KNK website. You can also register your organisation – registration is free and can be cancelled at any time.

Contact person: Anja Renner