Baltic Window - online platform for knowledge exchange

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As a means of improving the knowledge and information base regarding climate change induced problems and opportunities in the transnational Baltic Sea Region, adelphi created on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency an overall concept and developed content for a web-based information portal for the Interreg project “Baltadapt”. The knowledge, facts and case studies on “adapting to climate change in the Baltic Sea Region” gathered on the site empowered decision makers from both politics and civil service, with the aim of motivating them to action. Moreover, the information platform provides a space for knowledge exchange amongst such regional decision makers.

Besides an adaptation strategy and action plan for the Baltic Sea Region the English information platform called “Baltic Window” was one of the main outcomes of Baltadapt. The existing Baltic Window on was updated and significantly enhanced by adelphi.

The new Baltic Window was integrated into the existing EU adaptation portal “Climate-ADAPT”. It presents the results of Baltadapt, as well as other projects relating to climate change adaption in the Baltic Sea Region. The Baltic Window was launched in September 2013.