Business as unusual - The SEED Award 2008

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adelphi supported for the second time the international competition “Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development” (SEED Initiative). The prize was awarded for the third time in 2008. The Seed Awards highlights innovative and entrepreneurial multi-stakeholder initiatives who search for sustainable solutions to urgent societal and ecological problems. In Ibadan, Nigeria, for example, the sewage of a slaughterhouse is used for biogas and fertilizer production, creating a sustainable source of energy while significantly reducing water pollution. In Vietnam, cultivating medicinal plants are now protected by selective cultivation, while simultaneously offering an additional source of income for the women in the region.

The SEED Initiative launched during the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, and partners with the IUCN, UNEP, UNDP, several governments and a partner from the private sector. It offers innovative support for innovative projects. The Gold Winner does not receive money as a prize, but is instead granted a tailor-made package consisting of capacity building, expert knowledge and practical support. On behalf of the SEED Secretariat, adelphi provides individual support to the applicants and to the organisation of the selection process.