Climate change and vector-borne diseases

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What effects does climate change have on pathogens and the vectors which transmit them? This was the question considered by the international conference titled "Vector-Borne Diseases: Impact of Climate Change on Vectors and Rodent Reservoirs" hosted by the German Federal Environment Ministry and attended by some 140 experts from 14 European countries (climatologists, parasitologists, zoologists, entomologists, clinicians, veterinarians, etc.).

The purpose of the conference was to collate the current knowledge base and to discuss the significance of the emerging climate change on vector-borne diseases and, in particular, on their vectors (the animals which transmit them). The aim was to identify gaps in existing information and to define areas in which action is required. The conference also offered the attending scientists an international and interdisciplinary platform to make valuable contacts for future research activities. adelphi was commissioned to organise the conference.