Developing communications materials and lines of argumentation to communicate Germany’s climate policy internationally

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In order to promote ambitious climate policy not only in Germany, but also to prepare the ground globally, due supportive persuasion is needed. With its wide-ranging experience in climate policies and a leadership role in relevant mitigation measures such as the transition to renewable energies, Germany is a well–positioned partner to reach out to other countries in order to promote ambitious climate policy. These outreach activities complement ongoing efforts of the UNFCCC climate negotiations.

So that Germany can perform this task effectively, convincing lines of argumentation as well as tailor-made messages need to be identified and formulated based on respective entry points for dialogue. For example, a key argument concerns the various co-benefits that climate protection entails. These can be economic, social, or environmental in nature. They comprise economic and technological potential for development and exports, poverty reduction, positive impetus for the labor market, as well as further co-benefits, such as the positive health effects of reducing air and water pollution. However, these dimensions often do not get the attention they deserve, although they can serve as important arguments for more ambitious climate action.

Against this backdrop, adelphi is preparing English-language communications materials on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). Output formats will include presentations and fact sheets. In order to support BMUB outreach activities, both bilaterally and multilaterally, adelphi is identifying a number of key messages and topics for climate outreach. On this basis, adelphi is developing narratives that frame the benefits of climate action from different perspectives – in particular to cater to different target audiences. These will put an emphasis on communicating the feasibility and the benefits of ambitious climate action in a clear, concise and easily accessible manner.