DOMINO – utilizing innovative measuring technology for energy saving in European households

DOMINO Challenge startet in Berlin

By reducing their electricity consumption, private households can yield financial savings and make a meaningful contribution to climate change mitigation. Recent advances in smart home technologies offer many as yet underexplored routes for measuring energy consumption and providing members of households with detailed information. However, consuming less energy often requires breaking established routines. Providing individuals and households with well-targeted recommendations for behaviour change and real-time feedback on their energy consumption can help in altering these routines.

In order to raise European household's awareness of energy efficiency and to scope the potential of smart homes for climate action, the European Commission is financing the "DOMINO - Connecting Europe, Saving Energy" project, more than 4400 households in Berlin, Brussels and Naples will be provided with so called 'smart plugs'. Throughout the entire duration of the project, data will be generated that allows looking into the energy consumption patterns of households and their appliances. Furthermore, the actual potential for energy savings through behaviour change and the application of the smart plug technology will be precisely monitored and evaluated. Based on their consumption profile, participating households will receive tailored advice via a smartphone app on adapting their behaviour in order to reduce their energy consumption. The smart plug equipment will allow participants to monitor the extent of energy and costs savings triggered by their changes in behaviour. The DOMINO project will thereby not only contribute to reducing energy consumption in Europe and to improving awareness of the innovative smart plug technology but will also advance the scientific and public debate on energy consumption behaviour and on behavioural interventions for energy efficiency.

In addition to coordinating the entire project, adelphi is responsible for developing recommendations on energy saving and producing scientific articles and policy papers based on the data gathered by the DOMINO project. In order to mobilise as many households in the three cities as possible to join in the project, adelphi together with Arctik and project partners in Brussels and Naples will develop and employ comprehensive communications activities, including measures of online marketing and event communication. Moreover, adelphi is carrying out communications activities in collaboration with public institutions, neighbourhood initiatives and energy consultants in Berlin. The project is being implemented within the framework of the European Commission’s ‘Horizon 2020’ programme for research and innovation.