Ecoprofit Gurgaon: Enabling technology transfer among European and Indian companies

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The purpose of the new initiative, under the Technology Partnership tool of the Asia Pro-Eco Programme of EuropeAid, was to enable technology transfer among European and Indian partners. Additional reasons included carrying out training and consulting activities on the basis of the integrated environmental protection measures and environmental management systems for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). This project enabled Indian companies to design and implement both integrated and downstream environmental protection measures during operation.

The training programmes included important aspects of the integrated and holistic management of enterprises such as business strategies, organisational development, quality and environmental management, technology transfer, health and safety. They were tailored to the needs of the SMEs in India and combined modern teaching learning methodologies with technical, detailed knowledge of Indian business.

The project’s target groups were medium and large companies, plus consultants and representatives of local and sectoral associations. It also includes industry organisations from the region of Gurgaon, an industrial suburb of Delhi, which has become one of the major industrial centres of India in the last twenty years.