Enabling developing countries to seize eco-labelling opportunities

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The project aimed at raising awareness about the European Union's eco-labelling and to increase opportunities for exporters in the textile, footwear, appliances and paper industry from six countries (Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Mexico and South Africa) who export to the EU. In a kick-off workshop held in 2007, it was communicated that target country partners required more specific information on eco-labelling market opportunities and detailed eco-labelling procedures.

Thus, improving the effectiveness of eco-labels as market instruments and the access of environmentally friendly products from developing economies to regional, European and global markets had to be realised as well. adelphi supported this four year project by developing a roadmap for India and South Africa’s textile sector. This brought mutual recognition of eco-labelling schemes that increased the reliability of the eco-label as a marketing instrument and also supported efforts towards the simplification of the 'Eco-labelling Universe' for both producers and consumers. In doing so it created mutual support for trade and the environment, along with increasing international competitiveness of the countries’ manufacturing products.