Energy Efficiency Finance Info Kit and Training

Pressure gauges in a water treatment plant

India’s energy supply is not able to keep pace with the high economic growth rates. Persistent power shortages and frequent power cuts are the results. Therefore, India’s energy policy is increasingly focusing on strategies for enhancing energy efficiency and utilizing renewable energy. Through energy efficiency measures in the industry, such as professional insulation, enterprises can reduce their production costs and increase their international competitiveness. Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which represent a large proportion of industrial firms in the country, are in a particularly strong position to profit from these measures and at the same time contribute to GHG emission reductions.

However, SMEs in India lack information about access to financial products, advisory services and technical knowhow with regard to energy efficiency measures. Within the development partnership “Moving India's SMEs towards a sustainable future” the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and KAEFER Group worked to provide industrial SMEs in selected regions of India access to advisory services, training and financial products that enable them to implement energy efficient insulation measures.

In order to raise awareness on financial and non-financial business support services with regard to energy efficiency measures and to familiarize participants with public support schemes and programmes, adelphi prepared an information kit for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in cooperation with a local partner. Besides the information about available financial products and public support schemes, the kit contains practical information on how to how to apply and where to get support. In addition, adelphi developed a one-day training module that can be provided for different banks, including content and simple tools on energy efficiency finance, and organised five training workshops for Indian bankers in 2012.