Energy networks in the hospitality sector

Can hotel businesses be brought together in instructive networks in order to improve their energy efficiency? That was the key question around which this study was based. The investigation looked at the energy saving potential of various areas of the hotel and restaurant sector, the demands of cooperation within the industry, the key factors in building successful energy efficiency networks, as well as financing issues. The results were then used as a basis for developing the concept of "energy discussion groups" within the hotel and restaurant sector.

The study, which was carried out in the context of the ®LEEN (Local Energy Efficiency Networks) project of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, clearly showed that energy efficiency networks would make sense for large sections of the hotel industry. The study also outlined ways of utilising the potential synergy effects that may arise from such intra-industry energy efficiency networks working together with the DEHOGA "Energy Campaign for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry" and the ongoing LEEN project. Based on surveys from the Energy Campaign for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry, the study also provided a very detailed and well-founded overview of the potential for energy savings in the hotel and restaurant sector.

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