EU Ecolabel Helpdesk 2021–2023

Woman checking food labelling

For 27 years, the European Ecolabel has helped consumers find products and services that have a low impact on the environment. Thanks to strict and transparent ecological criteria, the EU Ecolabel helps people make conscious choices without compromising on quality. In times of rapidly growing online trade, e-commerce is also becoming an important marketplace for EU Ecolabelled products.

As a team of experts and in the role of the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk, adelphi supports the European Commission in promoting the EU Ecolabel both within and outside the EU Ecolabel community as well as in recurring administrative and technical tasks. This includes in particular the modernization, improvement, and updating of the EU Ecolabel Catalogue (ECAT), which plays a central role in the verification of labeled products for online retailers. In its role as helpdesk, adelphi cooperates directly with important players in e-commerce, both in the B2C and B2B sectors, with licensees, and with the national bodies responsible for awarding the label.

The EU Ecolabel Helpdesk is also responsible for organising and planning regular meetings, implementing resolutions as well as initiating and executing measures for the dissemination of the EU Ecolabel. An important component of this is maintaining contact with stakeholders such as retailers and e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, adelphi acts as a contact for members of the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB), responsible bodies in the European partner countries, license holders and interested companies, as well as consumers.

The project serves to further develop the EU Ecolabel as a relevant tool to promote sustainable consumption and production, as well as to improve the market presence of the EU Ecolabel, by increasing acceptance and awareness in industry and among consumers.