EU-service guarantees: Evaluation and monitoring of passenger needs and rights

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The European Commission’s goal is to align European transport policies with the demands and needs of its citizens. A legal framework for aircraft passengers´ rights has already been adopted and a proposal for the rights of train passengers have been submitted.

This study dealt with the question of voluntary services and compensations that European transport enterprises should offer their passengers in case problems arise. The comparative evaluation of quality promises and service warranties as well as existing standards in the management of complaints, examined to what extent the present situation requires common measures of a European transport policy for an intensified consideration of passenger needs and for guaranteeing better services.

In the context of this project, adelphi designed case studies for the following countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Hungary. The country reports gave a general overview about the structure of each country’s market. They also focus on the analysis of the present situation regarding services for the clients and passenger rights. Therefore, existing service warranties and customer charters as well as their evaluation by consumer and passenger federations will be presented.