Evaluation of the EU Export Helpdesk for exporters from developing countries

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The Export Helpdesk is an online service provided by the European Commission to facilitate market access for developing countries to the European Union. This user-friendly service provides relevant information required by developing country exporters interested in supplying the EU market.

adelphi was commissioned by the Directorate General for Trade (DG Trade) to evaluate the Export Helpdesk for developing countries. The project focused on improving the reliability, completeness and user-friendliness of the online rating service as well as evaluating its impact and profile for its user-group. In the course of its evaluation, adelphi performed an internet-based global user survey, a series of expert interviews, website traffic analysis and a benchmark analysis of similar websites. The findings were intended to provide the basis for tangible suggestions to improve the service. The results from the evaluation were summarised in a final report.

Publications of this project

  • Evaluation of the Export Helpdesk for Developing Countries

    Henzler, Mikael P. and Marianne Henkel 2007: Evaluation of the Export Helpdesk for Developing Countries. Brussels: European Commission.