The exhibition "Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation" in Munster (Westphalia)

Dom cathedral minster Munster

During the event series "Peace-Culture Month – September", the forum’s peace initiative in Munster (Westphalia) presented the exhibition "Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation" in the Dominican Church Cathedral. The exhibition was accompanied with tours and discussions. The event series "Peace-Culture Month – September" recalls the outbreak of World War II. The signing of the Westphalia peace treaty, which concluded on 24 October 1648 in Munster (Westphalia) and Osnabrück, achieved for the first time in Europe’s history a peace negotiation. Therefore, the exhibition "Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation" was shown at this highly symbolic and historic city.

It visualises the serious impacts of global environmental change. Based on the themes of water, air, land, forests and minerals, the exhibition will show how environmental degradation and resource scarcity can lead to conflicts and new security risks and which contributing achieve environmental cooperation and sustainable development, peace and stability. The aim of this exhibition is to provide the interested public with awareness on this issue. Informative texts, images and graphics convey to the visitors concrete examples of the complex relationships.