The foundation of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

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The foundation of IRENA on 26th January 2009 in Bonn was a breakthrough in international renewable energy policy. On this day, 75 states signed the statutes during an international ministerial conference. The first preparatory commission met just one day after IRENA was founded to agree on committees to coordinate the selection of a founding director and select a temporary base for the organisation. A management committee was also formed to support the administration during preparations for the next meeting.

adelphi supported the Federal Government initiative to found IRENA from the very beginning in both content and concept. adelphi was also heavily involved in the actual process of founding the organisation and the initial organisational steps. adelphi was responsible for organising the entire founding conference, including taking care of the many country delegations. Parallel to this, conceptual support was also provided on various aspects. For example, adelphi was involved in drafting the "Rules of procedure", along with additional work papers for the founding conference and the first meeting of the Preparatory Commission. adelphi was also involved in public relation work relating to IRENA, such as preparing and implementing a UNFCCC side event on IRENA in Poznan (Poland) on 12th December 2008. Over this entire period, adelphi was responsible for coordinating the various work groups of the participating Federal Ministries.