GIZ Planning Workshop REEP II

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In order to overcome central barriers such as lack of technical expertise, limited financial resources and unfavourable political conditions for promoting energy efficiency in the South Asian region, GIZ implemented the “Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP)". Despite the high potential for reducing emissions in South Asia, investments in energy efficiency measures are rather low. The programme provides Human-Capacity-Development measures to various stakeholder groups to enable them to independently develop and implement consultations and trainings in the field of energy efficiency. Due to its success it was decided to continue the programme to provide the target countries and other South Asian countries the possibility to engage in an exchange of experiences and developments in implementing energy efficiency in different sectors.

To guarantee a successful continuation of the programme a planning workshop took place in March 2014 in Nepal. Representatives of the bilateral programmes from India, Nepal and Bangladesh were invited to discuss and identify needs and relevant activities to be implemented in the continued programme.

adelphi was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the planning workshop. The outcome of the workshop was the identification of three priority areas: EE policy and strategy development, EE institutionalization and EE in heavy industries. The first two priority areas will be addressed in two separate regional dialogues, for the third area a study tour is being planned. Additionally to the three priority areas the following activities were considered relevant and shall be implemented in near future: a regional dialogue each addressing energy auditor schemes and energy tariffs, a study tour each on ESCOs and EE in public infrastructure as well as a regional dialogue or a study tour on biomass.