Industrial environmental protection: Support to the Environmental Auditors' Board

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The Environmental Auditors' Board (Umweltgutachterausschuss – UGA for short) advises the German Federal Environment Ministry in all matters relating to EMAS, the European Union's unified environmental management system. The UGA is also responsible for laying down the rules for accreditation of environmental auditors. It has also in the past undertaken increasing efforts to promote EMAS throughout Germany. adelphi carries out project work as the UGA's executive office.

The executive office supports the Board by organising and planning its meetings, implementing its resolutions and initiating and carrying out measures to promote EMAS. The executive office is the point of contact for UGA members, environmental auditors and accredited experts, EMAS organisations and interested parties looking to find out more about the system. In conjunction with the UGA, the executive office also produces various brochures and information materials relating to EMAS.