Information Platform Offsetting for Climate Protection

Effective climate action needs the combination of various measures. One of them is offsetting existing greenhouse gas emissions. In order to increase the contribution of voluntary offsetting Germany's climate protection goals, it is necessary to take into account the actual experiences, problems and needs of the various market participants – who, as members of the broad public, have a particular need for information. This also and especially applies to the positive development impacts of projects. Only through information suitable for the broad public and an application-oriented further development of offsetting approaches can the goals of climate protection, sustainable development in emerging and developing countries, and financial effectiveness be improved and perpetuated.

Within the framework of this project, adelphi is developing a systematic information platform for the Alliance for Development and Climate (Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima), which will help to increase the understanding of a broad target group for the emerging policy field that is offsetting and thus facilitate access to offset projects. Existing hurdles and barriers can thus be reduced and more actors can be encouraged to volunteer for more climate protection and for improving the living conditions of people in developing and emerging countries. The platform’s services include the tracking and communication of successful compensation measures as well as the facilitation of an exchange of experiences and the gathering and dissemination of know-how on offsetting greenhouse gases.

To communicate this information, adelphi uses two approaches – a publicly accessible toolbox for the Alliance for Development and Climate's website, and training sessions for the Alliance's supporters, developed and implemented by adelphi. In the toolbox, basic information on the areas of measuring and calculating, avoiding and reducing, offsetting and finally communicating emissions are conveyed in a target group-oriented way. In addition, adelphi compiles a media kit that contains further materials and makes them available in a systematized way. The one- to two-day trainings for supporters deal not only with the basics and processes of offsetting, but also zoom in on the communication of climate protection efforts and an appropriate handling of criticism.

adelphi implemented all components of the project financed by GIZ.