Innovative and sustainable: Promoting international partnerships with CLIENT II

wind turbines and the sky in the isle of lanzarote spain africa

Global societal challenges are becoming increasingly complex: The effects of climate change on nature, society and the economy are already visible apparent, pollution is exponentially increasing, natural resources are becoming ever scarcer, and it is all the while important to provide the entire population and all sectors with safe, clean and affordable energy. In order to meet these challenges, an international cooperation involving the various social actors is essential. Only when research, business and other important sectors of society cooperate will it be possible in the long-term to find and implement sustainable solutions.

In order to support such cooperation in the future, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has launched the CLIENT II funding initiative, which is intended to support collaborative research projects through subsidies and other measures. The aim of the funded projects is to develop solutions to urgent issues in selected developing countries and for these to have a leveraging effect. The focus is on the development of technologies, products and services in the fields of climate, energy and the environment. In addition to partners from education and research, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany are also involved in the collaborative projects. Cooperation not only contributes to the speed at which global sustainability challenges are handled, but also strengthens the competitiveness of German companies. By cooperating with developing countries in research and development (R&D), this funding directive adds to Germany’s global responsibility efforts.

This funding directive is accompanied by a supporting scientific project intended to increase its efficacy through coordination, networking and communication activities and to support the BMBF in evaluating and advancing the initiative. adelphi will lead the accompanying scientific projects, facilitating cross-thematic coordination and synergies between them and fostering transferability of solutions. In addition, adelphi assists the BMBF with public relations, further development of the funding initiative and supports individual collaborative projects as required.