Methodological Foundations for Energy Efficiency Benchmarking

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Industry and commercial businesses can save large amounts on their energy costs by optimising the technologies and processes they use. The systematic implementation of energy efficiency measures is however limited by the high effort associated with the identification of potential energy savings.

Such effort can be greatly reduced by energy efficiency benchmarking. On the basis of the comparison of appropriate energy indicators, benchmarking offers quick and easy feedback on an organisation´s energy efficiency. The self-assessment benchmark is based on how far removed the organisation’s rating is from the best rating in a group of comparable organisations.

The German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) sought to clarify the methodological foundations for a software-based and standardised energy efficiency benchmarking system. adelphi, in partnership with the Austrian Energy Agency, determined the requirements for a benchmarking system following the benchmarking standard EN 16231, which allows comparisons on energy efficiency for production processes in industrial and commercial sectors, as well as for processes in applied technologies.

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