Release of environmental research projects on the 'Cleaner Production Germany' platform

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Germany is internationally recognised as a forerunner in the development and export of environmental technologies. In 2001, the German Federal Environmental Agency established the internet platform 'Cleaner Production Germany' (CPG),, to further extend the diffusion of German technologies in this area. Since then, the platform has been used as an instrument for environmental and development cooperation and provides information and results of research project addressing various environmental protection technologies. The CPG offers German concepts, approaches, and solutions, as well as pertinent contacts to its users and is continuously updated.

On behalf of the German Federal Environmental Agency, adelphi further developed and extended the internet platform 'Cleaner Production Germany'. More than 3.000 research projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology in the field of integrated environmental protection were assessed, in order to identify projects that were most suitable for publishing on the platform. After having chosen 800, adelphi prepared informative project descriptions and released them on the 'Cleaner Production Germany' platform, and in the process provided important information on cleaner production to the broader public.