Resource efficiency in India: Strategic support for the Indian Resource Panel


Along with its population and economy, India’s demand for natural resources is growing. This development is expected to result in considerable challenges, such as rising prices of raw materials and increased harm to the environment. In this context, GIZ India and the Indian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change are cooperating to foster resource efficiency and the sustainable management of secondary raw materials in India.

Under the ambit of a forerunner project, adelphi already developed the concept for an Indian Resource Panel (InRP). The panel’s objective is to advise the Government of India and relevant stakeholders on the potential for enhancing resource efficiency and the productive use of secondary raw materials. In addition, the panel is expected to raise the issue’s importance on the political agenda. The InRP was constituted in December 2015.

On behalf of GIZ India, adelphi is supporting the initial phase of the InRP. This assignment includes substantiating the panel's objectives and strategy as well as supporting its members in setting up a plan of action. Further tasks include preparing policy papers and contributing to the development of “India’s Strategy for a Resource Efficient Economy”. Finally, adelphi is providing support to InRP meetings and contributing to publishing and disseminating the results of the panel’s work. The project is being realised in close cooperation with the GIZ project team and the InRP secretariat and working groups.