Rockefeller Learning Partnership and Hybrid Marketplace for Incubators

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Social- and environmental enterprises in Vietnam often lack an effective support that helps them to become investment ready. The project "Learning Partnership and Hybrid Marketplace for SE Incubators" of adelphi and the Spark Center for Social Entrepreneurship Development supports the capacity development of incubators that aim to support social enterprises in Vietnam.

The project will develop a hybrid marketplace that will improve accessibility to high quality technical assistance and service providers. A complementary mix of on-site events and online activities will facilitate the exchange and connection between enterprises and incubators. Furthermore, the project will facilitate learning partnerships among incubators through peer learning support activities in order to improve their service delivery. With those activities the project aims to strengthen existing efforts to create an ecosystem conducive to enterprise development to help them scale their development impacts.

adelphi will especially support the development of the hybrid marketplace and the implementation of the learning partnership targeting incubators. The joint project is among the four winners of the Rockefeller Impact Economy Innovations Fund in East and Southeast Asia. The fund was a $400,000 grant fund aimed at supporting projects that will help foster the impact economy in the region.