SCP Monitoring - Policy support Thailand

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Thailand has adopted a series of policies to promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP). Monitoring these policies is essential to ensure their successful implementation. Indeed, monitoring and evaluation of SCP policies allow governments to track real progress made towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns, improve public transparency and raise awareness about SCP.

On behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and in cooperation with the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), adelphi's key expert is conducting a feasibility study and providing recommendations on how to set-up and implement a SCP Monitoring and Evaluation System. The study is based on an in-depth assessment of Thailand’s SCP status and monitoring mechanisms in place, and multi-stakeholder consultations. It also includes a review of international experiences and best practices in SCP monitoring.

The project is part of the European Commission's SWITCH Programme, a regional environmental programme that seeks to promote SCP in Asia. It seeks to assist the Thai government in strengthening its institutional policy framework, ensuring a joint and effective SCP effort in Thailand.