SECURENV: Assessment of environmental accidents from a security perspective

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The relationship between resource protection, environmental change and security issues are becoming increasingly important at the European level. A discussion on the purposeful modification of ecosystems and the risks associated with such changes is, however, new in this context. This approach is based on research into industrial accidents, technological impact assessment and risk assessment. Industrial accidents and natural disasters have posed an increasing challenge for the EU in recent years, concerning primarily methods for risk analysis, risk assessment and risk prevention.

Geonardo Ltd., adelphi and the Swedish Defence Research Agency will use a foresight study to investigate these risks within the SECURENV project, funded under the 7th EU Research Framework. The project will examine industrial accidents and the alteration of ecosystems, including their relevance to security, and develop potential future scenarios for decision makers. Scenario development and expert consultation will be an integral part of this foresight study.

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