Stakeholder Analysis for Green Hydrogen and Power-to-X in Morocco

Morocco's second largest export market, according to GTAI, is in the area of chemical products that are conventionally produced on the basis of fossil fuels. The most promising way to avoid fossil fues in this sector is to use green hydrogen as a feedstock. To this end, the International Sustainable Chemistry Cooperation Center (ISC3) aims to inform and advise relevant stakeholders in Morocco about the hydrogen and power-to-X (PtX) industry, as well as to qualify them to further develop the sector. In order to achieve this, adelphi, on behalf of GIZ, lays a first foundation in this project by creating an overview of the hydrogen situation in the country.

The study analyses the status quo in the Moroccan hydrogen strategy in order to derive the needs for the establishment and development of a PtX sector. In preparation for this, relevant actors in the educational, public and private sectors as well as possible funding instruments for green projects will be identified and mapped. This project will be realised in cooperation with local experts.

The project is part of an overall concept of ISC3 by promoting the development of a circular economy and the use of "sustainable raw materials" in the chemical sector worldwide.