Strengthening capacities - short-term advising for social entreprises

2014 SEED Winner Kumudzi Kuwale

Many social enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to strategic advising and a low-threshold benchmark analysis needed to gauge their own stage of development. Start-up teams are particularly often on their own when it comes to founding enterprises and performing their pioneering work. The “Self-Assessment Manual for Social Entrepreneurs - (SAMforSE)” and accompanying “Voucher Support Programme” from the Siemens Foundation seek to effectively counter this challenge.

On behalf of the Siemens Foundation, adelphi is assuming management of the SAMforSE Voucher Support Programme for up to 20 selected social enterprises from Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Malawi. Through this programme, adelphi is collaborating with local service providers to provide short-term advising via a structured process. Based on the results of the SAMforSE, adelphi is taking over the briefing of local service providers and the matching of social enterprises with providers. adelphi is additionally seeing through the development of individual roadmaps and taking on the monitoring and evaluation of the local service providers’ short-term advising.