Strengthening the EU environmental label within an integrated EU policy

Green label with the word eco

During the German EU Council Presidency, representatives from the EU member states were invited by the Federal Environment Ministry to take part in the EU environmental label meeting on 30 and 31 May 2007 in Berlin to discuss strategies to strengthen and develop the EU environmental label. During this meeting, participants discussed how synergies can be created with (supra)national environmental labels, how the role of the EU environmental label can be strengthened within the EU policy for sustainable consumption and production models and what modern communication and marketing strategies are best suited to developing the label into an attractive brand.

The EU presidency meeting was immediately followed by a meeting of the informal "IPP network". The focus of the meeting was on strategies to support sustainable consumption and IPP initiatives for companies which were presented by representatives from politics and economy.

adelphi was commissioned by the Federal Environment Office to manage the planning and implementation of both events, as well as create the documentation for the conference and make these available online along with speeches and presentations.