Supporting the interim secretariat of the G7 states’ InsuResilience initiative

Extreme weather events and other climate change phenomena threaten the livelihoods of poor and vulnerable population groups. Although adaptation measures and disaster risk management can cushion the blow of some negative climate change impacts, some risk will always remain. These risks could be hedged using, for example, specific insurances. However, worldwide only about 100 million people affected by poverty are insured against the impacts of climate change.

The G7 states therefore established the “G7 Initiative on Climate Risk Insurance" in June 2015. Its goal is to significantly expand insurance protection against climate risks in developing countries. The Federal Republic of Germany has approved financial and technical support for the InsuResilience initiative. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has thus been supporting the thematic and strategic design of the initiative (“Interim secretariat function”) since 2015. Working with further partners, the GIZ is building up the interim secretariat of the InsuResilience initiative and will assume responsibility for its functioning when complete.

adelphi supports the interim secretariat in planning and carrying out measures for a coordinated implementation of the InsuResilience initiative. These measures include financial and work planning, as well as the conception of structures, processes, and of a charter for the initiative. adelphi provides thematic groundwork and ad-hoc advising and supports the preparation of the Steering Committee’s and Stakeholder Forum’s first events.