Supporting the strategy to expand the renewables sector

Mounting a solar panel frame

The steady growth of renewable energies in Germany is essential for the government to achieve its climate change mitigation goals and build a sustainable energy supply system. In addition to measures to boost energy efficiency, the continued expansion of the renewable energy sector in Germany and Europe will play a key role. This expansion requires support from suitable instruments such as the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), and must be flanked by a consistent and forward-looking expansion strategy.

As part of this project, adelphi provided continual support for this strategy and proposals to enhance these necessary  instruments. The project focused on policy recommendation for the further development of the EEG with a special emphasis on the introduction of a market premium in EEG 2012.

In addition to the extremely successful quantitative expansion that has taken place in recent years, Germany faced (and is still facing) the challenge of enhancing the quality of renewables over the coming years. More intensive market integration and better matching of supply and demand will be particularly important factors here. This will go hand in hand with a transformation of the entire energy supply system. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity will play a key role in bringing about the necessary expansion of the electrical grid and electricity storage facilities, also exerting the institutional pressure required to standardise the national funding systems. In this context, it was also essential to continually review and enhance EEG.