Sustainability Management for Enterprises (SUMMIT)

Handshake in front of solar panels

The impacts of uncontrolled globalisation, neo-liberal markets and the dominance of finance have not supported a corporate sustainable development. The bubbles of economies worldwide have burst and left an insecure market situation. In this situation enterprises realise their societal responsibility. The question of corporate responsibility gains new heights. Enterprises which are actively involved in sustainability issues are confronted with numerous requirements of different stakeholders.

In the surrounding of this discussion adelphi developed with his Austrian partners STENUM GmbH und ARECon in the framework of the Austrian program "Factory of the future" on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology a concept study for SMEs, engaged in sustainable business issues and their applications under eLearning environments. The objective of the SUMMIT project (Sustainable Management Methods Integrating Tool-Kit) was to provide SMEs guidance in developing sustainable management with a set of user- friendly and practice oriented management tools. In the framework of this study, 10 pilot projects were implemented in selected SMEs. The results led to an actual view of new trends of eLearning applications and highlighted the relation eLearning to concepts and methods of sustainability management.