Sustainable Chemistry - Integrated Management of Chemicals, Products and Processes

Close up of test tubes with biohazard labels

Chemicals are found in almost every consumer product – from toothpaste, clothes, furniture, cars and children’s toys. They are also used in almost all production and processing methods and therefore not only affect consumers, but also the work force. Furthermore, they release emissions or waste into the environment, where they can contaminate water, soil, air, animals and plant species. Hence, chemical policies play a central role for sustainable development.

One of these policies is REACH, which provides chemists with a multi-stage process that includes registration, evaluation and approval. The workshop is designed to evaluate the areas that shape sustainable chemical policies. Furthermore, it should develop integrated and comprehensive implementation methods and identify possible solutions to conflicts. During the discussions, the participants identified concrete approaches such as developing and assessing the role of existing instruments. These environmental issues were brought to the forefront, as well as aspects of labour and consumer protection. The event was designed as a closed meeting for experts representing EU Member States and accession countries.