Training Days “From Environmental Conflict to Cooperation” (ECC)

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Natural disasters, water and food scarcities, and environmental migration bring about considerable conflict potential. But how can policy-makers and civil society identify and reduce potential conflicts at an early stage? How can war and violent conflicts over natural resources be prevented? Where and how can we seize opportunities for trans- and international cooperation? adelphi addresses these questions in a new project conducted jointly with Germanwatch.

To raise awareness for the topic of environmental cooperation and conflict throughout society, adelphi develops training days for students. Additionally, Germanwatch organises dialogues with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in emerging economies.

In three week-long events, upper secondary school students from throughout Germany will discuss issues such as water and energy security with a broad range of experts from NGOs, the federal government, companies, and research institutes. For this purpose, adelphi will draw on its own experts as well. In a simulation, students will also be able to take part in a United Nations Security Council mock debate on climate security. The training days will be complemented by the exhibition "Environment, Conflict and Cooperation". adelphi will conceptualise, organise, and implement the training days and will develop accompanying training materials. The project is funded by the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.