Transatlantic dialogue on climate change - The new agenda

People Holding Hands, Hands across America

Global Climate Change is a long-term challenge that requires sustained global collective action. Since the early 1990's, the international community has coordinated its efforts by adopting first the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and, in 1997, the Kyoto Protocol. Although the US - as the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases - rejected its ratification it is not realistic to find sustained policy solutions without including the US. Therefore, a new transatlantic partnership is necessary in order to advance the international climate talks for the long-run.

Against this background, adelphi approached key experts on climate change and energy policy from both sides of the Atlantic and explored new venues to foster dialogue among relevant stakeholders. It prepared a report identifying potential future mechanisms of a transatlantic climate dialogue in order to tackle the problem of climate change cooperatively.